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What Are Local Services Ads (LSA)?

For specific sectors such as locksmiths, plumbers, garage door professionals, electricians, and HVAC companies, Google’s Local Service Ads serve as a valuable complement to local SEO campaigns. When conducting local searches, users may encounter multiple trusted professionals listed above the usual PPC advertisements. These new ads showcase a business’s contact information, operating hours, ratings, and customer reviews. Local Service Ads are Google’s way of taking an extra step to connect searchers with local businesses.

The Significance of Reviews in Local Service Ads…

Were you aware that consumers typically spend 13 minutes and 45 seconds reading reviews before making purchasing decisions? Given this, let’s discuss the importance of reviews within the context of Local Service Ads (LSAs). In general, reviews play a vital role in establishing client trust, enhancing your firm’s credibility, and influencing the decision of whether or not people choose to hire your services. Out of the seven factors that impact the visibility and performance of LSAs, reviews hold a prominent position. The ranking of LSAs is influenced by both the quality of your reviews and the quantity of reviews you’ve accumulated. The higher your review rating and the more reviews you’ve collected, the greater the likelihood that your LSA will effectively convert leads.

How Do LSA Reviews Differ From LSA Verified Reviews?

LSA reviews do not feature any verification mark, whereas LSA verified reviews are distinctly labeled as “Google verified jobs,” particularly when booked through your LSA. It’s worth noting that LSA reviews carry substantial weight and should be actively pursued.


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